OCB Wood Rolling Kit – Single Wide



OCB Wood Rolling Kit

We’ve all met that person??the one who insists on hand-rolling all of their smokables. They press their legs together to awkwardly balance their product, while squinting, and eyeballing the precarious mound piled on the sheet of rolling papers in their hand. Everything is just one stray tremble or bad lick away from spilling all over your couch, and making everyone who sits on it from that day forward ask, “Why does your couch smell so weird?”

We all know why your couch smells weird, and whose fault it is. Don’t be that guy.

What can be done to prevent this fate? Why, by picking up one of OCB’s Wood Composite Rollers, of course! With this handy, must-have hand-rolling doodad, you can get the perfect roll, every time, with no danger of?that guy?spilling their product all over your furniture, while trying to show you how cool they are.


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