Lucid Boost Disposable Vape (5%, 20123 Puffs) – Sour Strawberry Punch



Boost 20123 Puffs Disposable Vape by Lucid Air Vape

The Lucid Boost Disposable Vape from Lucid Air Vape is here to take your vaping game to the next level. Think of it as the cool, upgraded sibling of the Lucid Charge vape, but with way more oomph. This gadget packs a whopping 20,123 puffs, making sure you’re set for a long, enjoyable ride.

With its sleek 2.5-inch screen, checking out your vape stats is as easy as glancing at your phone. And the flavor? Oh, it’s top-notch, thanks to the dual horizontal coil setup. Whether you’re all about that intense hit or just cruising through your day, the Boost Mode has got you covered, letting you dial up the experience whenever you feel like it.

But hey, it’s not all about the fun; safety’s key here. With a child safety lock feature, it’s like having a reliable co-pilot, ensuring that your vaping journey is smooth and secure. And if you’re particular about how you vape, the adjustable airflow control is a neat little tool to get things just right.

No more waiting ages to vape again, either. The USB-C fast charging means you’re back in action in no time. So, if you’re looking for a vape that combines long-lasting use with serious performance and user-friendly features, the Boost 20123 from Lucid Air Vape is your perfect match.

Lucid Boost Disposable Flavors:

  • Aloe Grape Ice

  • Cool Mint
  • Dragon Lychee Ice
  • Kiwi Berry Ice
  • Sour Blueberry Punch
  • Sour Strawberry Punch
  • Watermelon Bubblegum Ice
  • White Gummy


  • 20,123 Maximum Puff Count 
  • 2.5 inches Smart Screen 
  • Dual Horizontal Mesh Coil
  • Boost Mode for enhanced vaping experience
  • Child Safety On/Off feature for added security
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control 
  • USB-C Fast Charging 
  • 8 Yummy Flavors

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Lucid Boost 20123 Puffs Disposable Vape 

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