Czar Nicotine Shot Tubes – Orange (1140mg)



Nicotine Shot Tubes – Czar

These nicotine-prefilled tubes fill 0mg E-liquids/Nic Salts with the desired amount of nicotine. Based on the color of the tube, each 2ml has a different nicotine strength. Before purchasing this product, view the chart to see how much nicotine will be needed to get your desired amount of nicotine in your favorite e-liquid or nicotine salt. This product is perfect for you if you want to create your own nicotine level on the spot.

This product can be used by referring to the chart by looking at your E-liquid/Nic Salt bottle size and which tube is needed to reach your desired nicotine levels. Rather than relying on the nicotine strength preset in ordinary E-liquid/Nic Salt bottles you find at the shop, simply grab a 0mg bottle of your favorite flavor and customize the nicotine strength to your liking! 

Nicotine Strength Options:

  • Yellow: 0.9 ml Strength: 45 mg/ml
  • Green: 0.9 ml Strength: 90 mg/ml
  • Blue: 0.9 ml Strength: 180 mg/ml
  • Red: 0.9 ml Strength: 270 mg/ml
  • Purple: 0.9ml Strength: 360mg
  • Brown: 1.8ml Strength: 540mg
  • Black: 1.8ml Strength: 720mg
  • Pink: 1.875 ml Strength: 750 mg/ml
  • Orange 3.6ml Strength: 1140mg
  • Gray: 3.75ml Strength: 1500mg

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